What is RADA CARE?

Whilst RADA has a very specific focus, we have realised that through our work in many communities that there are many other areas where people require support and assistance. This has led to the establishment of RADA CARE.

A number of projects are being researched that will ultimately provide practical needed humanitarian care. The approach RADA CARE adopts is to provide support structures that are long-lasting, simple and effective, and directly serve the people who need the assistance. Our aim is to take each campaign and consolidate the effort under one umbrella, on a national basis, with expansion to the continent.

Each campaign will be given a name under the RADA CARE Icon and a call to action will be initiated.
More about RADA CARE

RADA CARE Initiatives

RADA Unearthed and RADA CARE have developed the:

RADA Music Project.

What is the RADA Music Project?
The RADA Music Project is designed to provide assistance to underprivileged communities expressly wishing to explore the musical arts.

Which Communities are earmarked for the RADA Music Project?
The aim is to assist all communities within South Africa. RADA will commence with the Gauteng Province and will expand to surrounding Provinces once the processes and procedures of the strategy are proficient.

We are currently working with Stageworx, Born to Perform and The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra where a curriculum exists that a person may register for to determine where their passion lies. RADA Unearthed provides assistance to the individual and/or institution named above.

What is the purpose of implementing the RADA Music Project?
The purpose is to ignite the passion for music and to give the artist the opportunity to explore a hidden talent.

The RADA Music Project aims to awaken the sense of hope and dreams in people and to create an outlet in which expressing one-self is made possible.