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What is RADA Unearthed?

RADA Unearthed is a project established to support the musical arts.
RADA Unearthed caters for all artists from all genres of music, whether you are an aspiring singer songwriter, an established artist, or a DJ wishing to make a mark.

We are a professional operation with a strong work ethic that has more than 30 years’ experience in the music and events industry. We are dynamic, fresh and versatile and continuously on the look-out for that cutting-edge talent.

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RADA Music

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We work with these fine people
AGT Foods Africa

AGT Foods Africa AGT Foods Africa / Advance Seed is a trusted specialist supplier of agricultural production, processing and trading services.
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Transformation Development Centre

Transformation Development Centre A reputable and dynamic wellness centre, dedicated to the progressive transformation of each individual to be empowered and transformed into a state of bliss, peace and wellbeing.


KIA MOTORS Kia is one of the fastest growing brands in South Africa and our vehicles are turning heads in traffic and the automotive industry.
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Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies Distribution company specializing in audio, visual and automation products for the African market.
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The Hit Lab

The Hit Lab The studio is a professional recording studio with only top of the range high-end gear.
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WWP Group

WWP Group A melting pot of creativity and excellence with a team that is passionate and result driven.
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