Hot on the heels of the Mark Beling penned and produced masterpiece “Let It Go”, the globe-trotting 21-year-old’s latest confirmed smash-hit is breaking charts records left, right, and centre!


And so it should, considering “Shatterproof’”, KIRSTEN-CLAIRE’s 2015 pop-rock monster-hit, comes from one of the biggest, most respected, songwriters working in music today, Pam Sheyne. Responsible for writing “Genie In A Bottle,” Pam’s lyrical wizardry helped cement a long and lucrative career for Christina Aguilera.

Already Highveld Stereo’s Wackhead Simpson’s confirmed as a believer. Just one listen to “Shatterproof” secured an on-air interview and repeat plays of the track, currently teasing the Kia Top 40 chart.

Going coastal, KZN’s East Coast Radio playlisted “Shaterproof” the second they’d heard it, with the rest of SA’s regional favourites following suit. For the less-patient heat-seekers, community stations across the country, including Vaal Community Radio and national in-store favourite Red Cap Radio’s, sharp ears and a love of infectious pop are all helping shape “Shatterproof” into the success it continues to eclipse.

With radio relishing the 21-year-old’s fourth chart-hugging hit, “Shatterproof’s” monopoly of the airwaves will soon move to live stages, right across the country. From intimate indoor experiences, right through to annual festival stages, fans can rest assured KIRSTEN-CLAIRE is committed to being there.

“Shatterproof” takes me to a space and place, musically, but it’s not out of my comfort zone,” she explains.  “I’ve always loved rock and re-interpreting classic standards, so getting the opportunity to sink my soul into a song that called on my edgier, more organic side I jumped in head first!”
Claiming each song that’s currently sitting in the iTunes store with KIRSTEN-CLAIRE’s name on it – everything she’s touched and teased regional and national radio with, since releasing her debut single “Tearing Us Apart”, the follow up, “Love Me’ and 2014’s “Let It Go” – each highlights her natural and passionate vocal power and raw ability to knock audiences’ socks off each time she steps up to a microphone.
“I love the direction “Shatterproof” is taking me too,” KIRSTEN-CLAIRE affirms. The mood may have evolved since “Tearing Us Apart’” but that’s what makes her music refreshing. “My views and opinions change all the time,” she admits, “but my music remains my one true constant. With each new song I grow.”

As a fan of Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, John Legend and Beyoncé, KIRSTEN-CLAIRE keeps it real by immersing herself in music from as diverse a mix as The Eagles, Pink, Adele, The Script, right through to Eminem. “Right now I am loving Sam Smith’s debut album,” she confirms. “Tomorrow it will be something else, and something else the day after that. My taste in music is in a perpetual shuffle, but what’s changed with “Shatterproof” is that I’ve finally found my natural and lateral groove, and that’s exciting on a whole host of levels!” 

Take a step back and embrace a young talent, with a mature outlook on life and genuine clarity on where she aspires to be, and you’ll meet KIRSTEN-CLAIRE. With no other option other than to knock our collective socks off, this young virtuoso’s quickly earning the respect of fans and peers alike. “I’m passionate”, she admits, “a little crazy perhaps, but of utmost importance is being able to retain my authenticity. ” Add the fact that staying true to what she believes in, and how she perceives herself, and the underlying messages on her singles “Tearing Us Apart”, “Love Me”, “Let It Go” and now “Shatterproof” all help fuel her music’s addictive appeal.

Focused, outspoken, and entirely sensitive, KIRSTEN-CLAIRE believes that music is entirely salutary, especially when it comes to understanding why we’re all here and, more especially, our purpose and place on this planet we all share. 

Between co-writing new songs and channel surfing, KIRSTEN-CLAIRE’s never far from high-rotation. And when music’s not cooking, expect to find her in the kitchen, baking up a storm, or supporting all things nature conservation focused. “Make up artistry fascinates me, and I’ve recently completed a course” she says, “but wildlife and eco issues are also areas I focus on. If only because we all can and should do a whole better in giving back to Mother Earth.”

As far as reciprocating, KIRSTEN-CLAIRE is quick in giving back in multiples of crochets, quavers and notes that embrace melodies, and in turn all are making hit songs. Regional radio is where KIRSTEN-CLAIRE was first spotted and held. Now, with Pam Sheyne’s ‘Shatterproof’ locked and loaded, expect to hear a lot more from this young hit maker as 2015 unravels.

Whether it is ‘Shatterproof’, or any of the many more songs currently in production for KIRSTEN-CLAIRE’s full-length album, rest assured each new statement is guaranteed to be even more power to you than the last.